Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Log Home Update: Part 27
Up on the roof:
sheathing and shingles: Part 2

We've made steady progress at the shingling of the roof at The Aerie this week.

Monday and Tuesday were beautiful days that allowed us (Don, Adam, Jim and me) to finish the plywooding of the dormer roof and shingle it before moving around to the roof over the front of the garage.

Unfortunately, our luck with the weather didn't hold and a series of showers--some of them quite heavy--swept through the area on Wednesday morning halting all work on the roof. Instead, we headed down to town to have a hearty brunch. After three hours, the rain had stopped and we could get back to work.

As things stand, about two thirds of the roof is done and pump jacks and such have been positioned so we'll make a real big dent in that remaining third Thursday. The entire roof should be done by Friday afternoon.

An advance man for the heating contractor showed up this afternoon and started setting things up for a crew to install the remaining PEX tubing for the first floor heating system tomorrow and Friday soon.

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