Thursday, June 22, 2006

Log Home Update: Part 30
Doors and Decking

Thursday was a door day.

After much searching of different things in the trailer and rearranging of boxes, Adam and I installed the sliding glass door leading out on to the covered porch.

Then we went to work on the front door. With two glass sidelights, this door is very heavy. We hauled it from the trailer and up the slope to the front of the house only to find it was actually 1/8 inch wider than the opening in the panelized section. We needed to widen the opening and succeded in doing so after some furious...thinking.

The last three hours of the day were spent preparing to erect the 10' x 36' deck for the north end of the house.

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Gun Trash said...

Whew... I helped one of my brothers do one of those sidelights once and you're right, that is one heavy piece of material.

Decking's a breeze compared to that, just grunt work. Are you using pressure treated or the new-fangled plastic stuff? Whichever my modest suggestion is to use square-drive or torx head deck screws and pass on the nails or Phillips heads. Since I switched over to square drive a few years back, I detest the Phillips design. I refuse to use them. The extra $$ for the torx or square drive is well worth it.