Saturday, June 17, 2006

Log Home Update: Part 28
Up on the roof:
sheathing and shingles: Part 3

Roofing was the project of the week.

Roofing the front 01
Tuesday we worked on the front roof of the house.

Roofing the front 02
Despite losing three hours due to rain on Wednesday, all of the front was finished and it was on to the back of the garage.

Roofing the back
When we knocked off on Thursday afternoon, the rear of the garage was shingled and all that remained was the top six feet of the house roof.

Friday morning we were down to just Adam, Don and I...and I was leaving at noon. Even so, Adam (seen here applying the ridge vent and cap shingles) and Don report they were able to complete the roofing. That means no more water inside when it rains. Wahooh!

The "bare" spot seen on the right side is where the chimney will be located.

The LoadAll provided a huge help in lifting the roofing materials to the roof. Unfortunately, Rob came for his machine at the end of Friday to take it to a different job. Everyone was sorry to see it go. With the heavy windows and doors on the gable ends yet to be installed and the chimney work to be done…well, we’re hoping to get it back for a day or two some time in the future.

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Jennifer AKA keewee said...

Your log home is really coming along nicely. I can almost feel your excitement