Saturday, January 27, 2007

Curious Cat

As I’ve mentioned before, we have three cats at the Aerie. Julie, the eldest, is my daughter’s from college days. Shadow and Chester are mine via Adam and Braun. They were adopted this summer and are just over 9 months old.

Each of the three has a unique personality. Julie, as befits the eldest role, is more laid back and peaceful. She occasionally sets upon the other two when they try to draw her into their rampages about the house but will, more often, ignore the youngsters and find a hidey-hole away from the ruckus.

Shadow will often demand attention; shoving her head against your hand until you start to scratch her and pet her.

Chester…well, he is Chester. He wants attention too and will squeeze his way into Terry’s lap even if Shadow or Julie are all ready ensconced. He just shoulders in there and, with a little push and a little shove, ends up right where he wants to be.

All three are vocal pussy cats but the two youngsters are LOUD, very LOUD—especially at breakfast time. We need set no alarms in this house! Little paws reach under the bedroom door, name tags jangle on the floor, and loud meows sound through the house when they think it is time for us to get up and open a can of cat food.

When Terry and I are doing something—anything—Julie will usually go off and take a nap. But Chester and his sister, Shadow, have to watch our every move. Pull out the vacuum cleaner and Julie hightails it to parts unknown. Shadow sits on the couch and watches. Chester gets right up close and personal with the head of the vacuum to make sure we don’t miss a bit of dirt. He does the same thing with my shop vac too. He even sat on a piece of woodworking I was doing as I used the brad nailer and it wasn’t until the compressor kicked on that he took off running. THAT was too loud for him.

Chester is particularly curious about water. Use the shower and he will jump right in when you step out. Brush your teeth and he’ll sit on the edge of the sink and play patty-cake with the water stream. Stand in front of the toilet to go #1 and you better not piss in his ear—cause it will be hanging over the bowl.

This morning Terry did the laundry and we tried counting noses. Julie? Check. Shadow? Check. Chester?…Chester? Not to be found. Then I looked in the laundry room.
Curious Chester
Yep, Chester was atop the washer watching the water splash into the sink. Last time he was in the sink when the rinse cycle dumped sudsy water in there. Sigh. At least he learned something.

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