Monday, January 08, 2007

Log Home Update: Part 57:
Time to sit before the fire

After several weeks of above average temperatures, the wind shifted so it came out of the northwest and it started spitting snow and became pretty cold. That’s why this is such a big deal:
First fire

We lit the first fire in the living room this afternoon. The zero clearance fireplace burns so efficiently there is almost no smoke coming out the chimney. And the blower system kicks plenty of heat into the room. Plus the wide glass door lets you watch all the pretty, pretty flames!

Unfortunately, Don was unable to hook up the basement wood burner. Although the T-junction and the insulated pipe are made by the same company, they don’t fit together. One’s 6-inches is not the other’s 6-inches. After a few calls, he was able to get a company that would get us a T that would fit overnight. Hopefully, we will be able to light a fire in that stove tomorrow night.


Anonymous said...

nice fireplace!!!! can almost hear the flames crackle! now...stop sitting around watching it and get some more done! LOL

joated said...

I don't know about other bloggers, but anonymous commenters kind of annoy me. It's tough to strike back except in public.

By the way. Every little thing that can be done has been done. THe house is "finished" except for exterior chimney work and staining that has to wait until spring.

And the bank inspector has been and gone to confirm that. And the building inspector has issued a Certificate of Occupancy making my sitting in front of the fireplace, on a night when the temperatures will drop into the teens, A-Okay by him.

So there! ;P

Anonymous said...

...only was kidding! after all the hard work i quess you deserve to sit and watch the fire a bit!!!
i didnt realize that i was being rude not signing....figured you would know who it was!! ;)