Sunday, January 21, 2007

Global Warming? (Part deux)

It’s currently 12 degrees outside at 9 AM at The Aerie. That’s up from 9 degrees three hours ago. Luckily there is no wind to speak of so the wind chill is non-existent. Up north, at the Adirondack Bolt Hole, the morning temperature is currently –6 degrees. Three hours ago it was –3 with a wind chill that brought it to –15 or so. I guess winter has finally arrived in this neck of the woods.

We had a dusting of snow—only about an inch or so—earlier this week from what was called lake effect bands sweeping down from lakes Erie and Ontario. The Bolt Hole got a bit more as the band from Ontario remained in place a little longer. This was after the ice storm passed through.

The Herkimer County town of Old Forge reports up to 8 inches of new snow from the latest system, which should make the snowmobilers happy. As late as last week most of the trails were in poor condition due to the lack of snow and open puddles of water. THAT changed in a hurry.

At least the days are beginning to grow noticeably longer. It remains light until after 5:30 now. The trees and plants that were starting to bud earlier this month have grown dormant again. Hopefully they will not be damaged.

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