Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Log Home Update: Part 58
Wash and Stain

Summer has arrived and the night time temperatures have risen sufficiently so staining of the logs may begin. Before applying any stain, however, the logs must be cleansed and pressure washed using mill glaze. As I understand it, this opens up the pores of the wood so it may accept the stain. Don came out yesterday to start that process and returned today with Adam and JP to first finish the pressure washing and then begin applying stain.

Pressure washing
Don uses mill glaze and a pressure wash to prepare the logs to accept the stain.

Adam on top of his game.
Adam chose to climb the extension ladder to apply stain to the soffit and gable logs of the garage.

JP brushes on stain.
The WoodGuard stain we chose to finish the logs will give the house a nice warm color. JP started by brushing stain on the logs on the end wall of the garage.

Adam and JP managed to finish the rear of the garage as well as its gable end today. At the rate they’re going, it is possible they will finish the staining by Friday afternoon. Although, they may get slowed by the two taller gable ends of the house and the dormer. Weather could play a role, too, but the worst of the thunderstorms predicted for today and tomorrow arrived half an hour after they left this afternoon.


While Adam and JP continue with the staining tomorrow, Don will likely tackle the chimney. He's going to put together a concrete cap reinforced with rebar for the top and then apply mesh and mortar to which faux stone will be applied. We're using the same stone that we used on the fireplace inside.

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