Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Aerie Report, September 30, 2009

We had a low of 41 degrees this morning at 11 AM and a high of 49 degrees occurred after the sun finally broke through the overcast skies for about 10 minutes this afternoon at 4 PM. In between we had brief, swift and sometimes heavy showers.

I managed to get outside and enjoy(?) some of that cool air as I stacked up the firewood and put a tarp over the stacks. It took me a little over two hours to finish the job and I did so just in time. Thirty minutes after I returned to the living room, to find Chester sound asleep on the couch in front of the fireplace in which I had to build another fire this morning, one very dark, very threatening, very moisture laden cloud passed overhead and produced a deluge. It only lasted about ten minutes but each raindrop must have had a volume of 1 cc or more. If the roof of the Aerie had been metal like that up at the Bolt Hole, it would have been deafening.

The folks down at State College have issued a frost warning for the Northern Tier tonight saying the clouds will thin and allow any heat to escape. This was posted on, yet their "official" low posted on the same page is for 40 degrees. Of course, State College is the home of Accuweather so.... (Accuhunch says nothing about frost on their prediction page either. Not even the weather service warning is mentioned. Hmmmm.)


The cats enjoyed lazing around in the fire-warmed house while I was outside. The also enjoyed their moist meal today. I gave them a can from Friskies called "With Salmon in Sauce." Does not say in the name WHAT is "With Salmon" and I am not about to read the ingredients to find out. Whatever it is, the three of them scarfed it down like they hadn't eaten in a week. (Checking later, I found they had cleaned out their dry food bowl in the basement right down to the last crumb. I forgot to fill it yesterday, so maybe they had been shortchanged in the food department. Sue me.)


Rev. Paul said...

Don't put too much faith in Accuhunch; their inaccuracy this morning cost me a trip to the range this afternoon - they called for rain, and it was sunny all day.

Our cats find us when their bowl approaches "empty", and glare at us. I'm surprised yours didn't do something similar.

joated said...

Yeah, they tried tripping me a few times as I walked past the basement steps. I just didn't make the connection. Usually it's when the blue of the bowl's bottom starts to show. Today there wasn't a crumb.