Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Craftsman Joiner parts Q & A

I got a comment this morning on a long ago post about my getting replacement cutting edges (they aren't called "blades") for my Craftsman Joiner from someone called 1Elsie. I had to go back and do a little research to get the information again but here it is:

The model joiner I have is 113-206932

That's a 6-1/8" joiner for which the engineers at work have gone and retooled almost all the head assembly parts. (See here for the diagram.) If you're searching for the cutters, they would be under the bed assembly subcomponents.

I haven't ordered any of the parts that I would need yet. The problem I have is only a tiny little nick in the cutter which leaves a very small raised bead when I use it. (Which isn't often.) Fine grain sandpaper is more than sufficient to remove this "defect" and costs a good deal less than the replacement cutters (part #54) or, need I say it, the entire cutting assembly (#53) which would require contacting a technician just to order.

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