Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Week 5 in the Big East

Only six of the eight teams are playing this week. Both Connecticut and Rutgers are idle.

You’ve got two contest pitting Big East teams against each other on this week’s schedule. Both Louisville (against Pitt) and Syracuse (against South Florida) will be trying to prove they do not belong at the bottom of the Big East. I don’t think either will manage to prove that this week.

#10 Cincinnati should have an easy time even though they are (*ahem*) on the road. WVU should also prove victorious over a mediocre Colorado team.

#10 Cincinnati (4-0) at Miami (Ohio) (0-4)

Connecticut (3-1) is idle.

Pittsburgh (3-1) is at Louisville (1-2) (Friday night)

Rutgers (3-1) is idle.

South Florida (4-0) at Syracuse (2-2)

West Virginia (2-1) hosts Colorado (1-2) (Thursday night)

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