Friday, September 11, 2009

Progress report from the Bolt Hole

We got a late start this morning (9:30 AM) yet made good progress on the decking for the porch before the rains started. We got the 2" x 6" joists in place and shimmed up on the piers so the surface will slope away from the house, put some caulk under the wood where it meets the concrete and sprayed some Great Stuff into the gaps between the house sill and the deck joists. We're all set to lay the Advantech for the deck and install the two 6" x 6" posts. Tomorrow.

We built the joists as two boxes, each about 10' x 6', which were just small enough for the two of us to lift and put in place on the foundation and piers. Where they meet, we installed some blocking. One of the posts will be sitting on the front edge of this tripled up 2" x 6" joint. The other, more important post since it carries the major portion of the load of the roof, will sit in the corner to the left.

Joint between the two boxes.

Two boxes in place with the extra supports between the joists.

The decking actually is supported by the foundation and the piers. It is not attached to the house at all. There is a 2" x 8" ledger board attached to the house but only the edge of the Advantech will sit on that. The house has a habit of "breathing" and that ledger board moves with each breath.


As for the rains...this morning we saw conflicting weather reports. One said we should be rain free since it would stay south of the NYS Thruway while the other said to expect rain (up to an inch) starting in the late afternoon and continuing through tomorrow morning. The latter report turned out to be on the money. The early morning temperatures were in the low 40s. Fall is definitely right around the corner. I'll have to get a coat of paint on the deck of the porch before the weather gets too cold...meaning Monday or Tuesday at the latest.


Rev. Paul said...

I like the idea of a free-standing deck. There's always the occurrence of varying distances from doorsill to landing spot, but that's a minor point.

Looks good so far (says this former residential building inspector)!

joated said...

Jeeze! Can you do an inspection from...what..5,000 miles away? I better do a good job then!