Tuesday, September 01, 2009

September 1?
You sure it's not November?

After a cool final day of August (never got above 66 degrees at the Aerie yesterday) and a super clear sky night, the temperature fell to a low of 42 degrees at 0630. There's a pea-soup fog in the valley and a very heavy dew on the lawn and dripping off the roof. Checking the weather underground station nearest the Adirondack Bolt Hole, I note that it was 37 degrees up there.

Heck of a way to begin September!

Oh, they say the daytime highs will be into the 70s for the rest of this sunny, clear week.

One or two errands to run this morning (you can be sure the AC will be turned off in the truck) and then I'll be cutting and hauling firewood out of the woods. Seems like I might need plenty this year and the physical activity will at least warm me in the event the weather dudes got it wrong on the temperature.

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