Saturday, May 12, 2012

All right! (Almost.)

Well, the plumbing repair seems to have worked. I just turned the pump back on and there were no leaks in the pipe!

But now the toilet doesn't work.

The water flows into the holding tank just as it should...but the tank never fills up! I've no idea where the water is going but it's not going down into the bowl. (It did just once fill and flush properly, but quoth the Raven....) There are several spidery cracks in the porcelain god throne but there are NO extreior leaks. It sounds like the water is going right down the drain. How it's getting there is the puzzle. The damn thing may have hemorrhaged internally despite the use of antifreeze.  Considering the number of winters in the unheated cabin the current throne has endured, it's not terribly surpirsing.

Now I'm waiting for the hot water heater to...well...heat the water that currently fills the tank.

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