Friday, May 04, 2012

Carolina Wren

Another bird to add to the Aerie's list for 2012.

The Carolina Wren, is a resident. I spotted a pair of them looking over the box they've used for three years as a nest site. They are NOT good neighbors, however.

For one, they are loud! For small birds, their vocalizations are surprisingly up there on the decibel scale. And, since they sing all day from dawn til dusk, that can be annoying. (Good thing the cats wake us up early anyway.)

The other problem with Carolina Wrens is that they do not like having other birds nest in the boxes they consider too close. They build their nest in one box and then fill the other(s) with sticks to make it look occupied.

Like I said--bad neighbors. So we have a small, brown, feisty, loud, obnoxious bird who's a bad neighbor. Remind you of anyone?

Carolina Wren 

How about now? Carolina Wren

Okay. This one has to give it away. Chin up and off to the viewer's right. Look familiar?

Carolina Wren in a..ahem..Presidential pose

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