Friday, May 25, 2012

Report from the road: On Cape Cod (barely!)

Terry and I left the Bolt Hole early on Wednesday morning and drove out to Cape Cod, MA via the Bourne Bridge over the Canal and to the Bay View Campground. We were the last of the arrivals on Wednesday but one other couple, Robert and Nancy, would be arriving on Thursday.

After a brief "Happy Hour" gathering, we split to do our own thing for dinner, which, for Terry and I meant going to a place called Sandy's just over the bridge for a seafood platter large enough to supply us with several meals!

Thursday was another day of "everyman for himself." Terry and I drove down to the Waquoit Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve, then Woods Hole to visit the Aquarium (small, but nice), a short walk on the beach of Nantucket Sound, and finally on to Historic Downtown Falmouth. Back at the trailer park, we all got our foods and beverages together and headed over the bridge to West Wareham and Bruce and Sue's home for a picnic. There are 8 couples from the 2010 Alaska Trip present. Bruce and Sue made 9 out of 23 rigs. A pretty good turn out.

Friday: "Everyman for himself," again and Terry and I went to visit Sandwich and the glass museum they have there. Much smaller than the museum in Corning, NY and focused upon the product of their own glass factory but very interesting indeed. (They needed to import sand--sand!--from Maurice, New Jersey because the sand on Cape Cod contained too much iron. Go figure.) Then we had lunch at a lovely bakery/cafe before heading over to the north end of the Cape Cod Canal where the Corps of Engineers has a Visitors' Center and the Coast Guard a DHS facility. If we could have found a spot with free parking--and if my knees stopped complaining--we might have enjoyed a walk on the beach of Cape Cod Bay.

Tomorrow we are going to take a ferry over to Martha's Vineyard where we will have a bus tour of the island scheduled.

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