Sunday, May 20, 2012

At the Bolt Hole

Terry and I made it up to the Bolt Hole after an uneventful drive. We towed the ATV up on the baby trailer so it would be available for use when we get back from our longish five week journey(s).

Today was a beautiful day with temperatures into the low 80s through Syracuse and Utica. It only reached the mid 70s in the shade at the Bolt Hole but the sun was strong and hot. Only a few late day clouds have shown up but there's no rain in the forecast until next week if you overlook the scattered T-storms they say might (20-40%) hit the area Monday night/Tuesday.

We got right to work unloading the ATV, parking the little trailer and then towing the travel trailer out and hooking up the electricity and water so as to flush the antifreeze from the pipes. Then we (read "Terry") got to work cleaning up all the mouse poop in the cabinets. Meanwhile, I spent my time running down into the basement to reset the circuit breaker when it tripped...which it did--often. I guess the hot water heater and vacuum, plus the house's refrigerator were just a bit too much for the circuit. I also got the air compressor out and tried to get the tires up to the 50 psi they say on the sides. (Actually couldn't get past 48 psi, but that will do.)

The black flies were out in earnest and attacked in mobs. I got several bites on my forearms but just as many drowned in my sweat. Surprisingly, the bites have not raised welts as they usually do, nor do they itch. Have I become immune due to previous exposure? Sure hope so! The little buggers are still royal pains in the ass, but having no after affects from their is a blessing!

Tomorrow, we will be doing a more thorough check of the trailer and go shopping for supplies. Food, of course, tops the list already but right below that is paper goods (used for mouse nests beneath the cabinets) and plastic wrap and aluminum foil (piddled all over by mice with over active bladders).

Oh yeah. I also have to get some cable to fix the garage door. When I parked the ATV inside and pulled the door down, the cable jumped off the pulley. That's when I noticed that the four or five strand cable had just two still intact. I also have to go purchase a small Yankee screwdriver with multiple bits. I left the one I own back at the Aerie in the only tool box that is NOT at the Bolt Hole. (That's something that happens on a regular basis, BTW, and the reason I own two or three of just about everything--except Yankee screwdrivers--yet.)

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Rev. Paul said...

Despite the flies & tripped breaker(s), sounds like you got quite a bit accomplished.