Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Bits and Pieces from the Aerie

Terry's little yellow Aveo got it's timing belt replaced yesterday. The manual (that book almost nobody reads) says it's supposed to be replaced every 60K miles or, should it break, the engine will seize up. It had 80K on the odometer so we got lucky. Our regular mechanic at Mansfield Exxon had one in his lot that was awaiting an engine transplant so when it went in to have an oil change he warned us about the problem. As Terry was paying the bill at the Chevy dealer, she got into a conversation with the clerk who also has an Aveo--with 90K on her odometer. She now is scheduling a belt replacement.


On the way back from the Chevy dealer's we stopped and picked up some herbs, tomato, and pepper plants for the garden. This morning I spent four hours putting those plants in the ground as well as seeds for cucumbers, zucchini squash and string beans. Then I gave everything a good watering. One of the tomato plants looks a bit stressed and wilted but, hopefully, it will pull through. We start our five weeks of travel on Saturday and I should know whether or not that plant has hydrated by then.
[UPDATE: So, of course, has posted a frost advisory for tomorrow between 3 and 8 AM.] 


The rain that we had Monday through Tuesday morning amounted to 1.32 inches. What ever dry spell we went though during the winter certainly ended the end of April. Between the foot of snow and the rain since then, we've gotten almost 4" of liquid precip in about three weeks--and it looks threatening out there as I type.


Listened to an Indigo Bunting singing his head off at the top of the Poplar trees this morning. One of the many birds singing early this morning. Not that I needed the birds to wake me up. Shadow did that at 5 AM after I rolled over in bed and made some slight noise--probably a groan due to my aching knees. She took this to mean I was going to get up and feed her--NOW! And she wouldn't take now for an answer.


With my morning with a dose of arthritis strength acetaminophen and a couple of cups of coffee. With all the flavored coffees out there you'd think someone would produce a coffee that contains extra strength pain killers. Not that two tablets are a problem to swallow or anything, but such a pain relieving coffee would be like having an IV drip all morning/day long. And that couldn't hurt!


Rev. Paul said...

I love your idea of a "pain relieving coffee" - you win the interwebz!

Ruth said...

I killed my '91 civic by forgetting about the timing belt, not something I'll forget again!