Friday, May 11, 2012

Past, Present, and Future

It's been a couple of very quiet days at the Aerie. Well, for me anyway. Terry's been running hither and yon doing all kinds of stitching stuff.

After a rainy Tuesday we had a decent Wednesday and I got the grass cut once more. Thursday we had a nice morning but then waves of isolated showers swept in to keep everything nice and damp. And the wind picked up, too. Out of the north-northwest so things got really raw. When the rain stopped, the wind didn't so we had a very cool night with temps dropping to the upper 30s here on the side of the hill. It probably got colder down in the valley.

We're going on the road in about a week. Yesterday we made arrangements to have a young lady come in to care for the cats while we are out gallivanting around--first to Cape Cod and then to Portland, Oregon over a five week period. The first leg of our trip will be with travel trailer in tow and will be a reunion of sorts with the folks from our Alaska Adventure. After returning the trailer to the Bolt Hole, we'll head west to visit with our son and daughter-in-law. They've a porch that needs reconstruction. Terry also has a desire to see her niece and her husband down San Francisco way so we may end up looping down the coast before heading east on I-80.

In the interim, we've got a Saturday Bird Walk to attend to and then a picnic lunch. Then I get to go up to the Bolt Hole tomorrow afternoon to check out the trailer and--probably--cut the grass.

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Rev. Paul said...

At least you won't be bored. Have fun!