Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Busy Days

 We drove down from the Bolt Hole on Tuesday hauling the travel trailer on its final journey. The trip was uneventful and traffic moved along at a decent clip on the NY Thruway and then down Routes 14 and 54 to Bath. At Bath we unhitched the trailer in the Camping World lot and presented them with the keys. Everything inside was spick and span and, aside from a few stone dings and a need for a good bath, the outside is in very good shape, too. The only non-working items I am aware of is a wall mounted CD player and a burned out light bulb in one of the overhead light fixtures. The slideout behaved nicely when the Camping World rep tested it. And well it should after our experiences with it on our Alaskan trip and out on Cape Cod this summer. I was a little sad to leave her there in the lot, but I believe we will get more use out of the Class C than we did out of the trailer.

I can see a trip down to Florida in the spring with stops in South Carolina and Missouri for visits to relatives playing a part. Might even be able to get to Louisiana, Tennessee and/or Kentucky.


While Terry went off to one of her sit-n-stich hen parties, I ran a few errands down the hill then came home and did some work around the yard. Pulled up weeds from areas I didn't want them (that's how goldenrod and Queen Anne's lace become weeds around here). Trimmed the red bud that was threatening to completely shade the herb garden. Tilled the bed that once held onions, lettuce and beets and planted two rows of snap peas with their attendant climbing strings fastened to cedar and bamboo poles. And burned a lot of waste cardboard and junk mail. That work required almost as much walking back and forth as mowing the lawn would have necessitated--and I've still got to get the grass cut. Maybe Friday.


Tomorrow, Thursday, is the day we go pick up our new (used) motorhome.The only thing that scares me is that it has a 55 gallon gas tank. I read somewhere that the Ford E450 V-10 Triton engine will get around 9 miles to a gallon--about the same as the Tundra hauling the trailer. That larger tank may provide a few heart palpitations when I fill it up, but I won't have to do so every 200 miles like I did for the Tundra with only a 26 (?) gallon tank.

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Rev. Paul said...

I'm guessing you're going to enjoy the heck out of that 'new' motorhome.

Re: the gas tank, I feel your pain. Mine's 32 gallons, and I try not to let it get below half while in town. I know it's the same amount of gas, but somehow putting in 16 gallons every couple of weeks doesn't hurt as much as 32 gallons once a month.

I look forward to your continued posts about travels in the new "home".