Tuesday, August 07, 2012

New Used Motorhome.

Well, we did it. We went out this morning and ended up purchasing a used 2007 Winnebago Access. It's a Class C (aka mini motor home) with only 10,800 on the odometer. This is the vehicle we looked at last Friday but were discouraged by some cosmetic damage. They lowered their price, promised to make repairs, gave us a great value on the Wilderness trailer as a trade, and we signed the papers this afternoon.

We will have to get a dolly for our towed vehicle so we will have more mobility once we reach our destinations. So if you see this vehicle moving down the highway with a bright yellow Chevy Aveo come  September, wave. It will be us.

 2007 Winnebago Access 30C

2007 Winnebago Access 30C

We looked at lots of layouts since last Friday as we visited nine different dealers and twice that many on-line sites. Terry really, really liked this model's interior and extremely low mileage. Aside from a few minor blemishes, it was well maintained inside and out.

The slideout provides ample elbow room in the living area and even when it is closed , as it was during our short test drive, there's still plenty of room to walk to the bedroom or work in the galley. For one night stops we may not even have to open her up.

 View from middle looking forward.

 Super slideout consists of the dinette and couch--
just like in the trailer.

We may have to "borrow" some of my daughter's DVDs and invest in a coaxial cable. The trailer never had a TV--and it wasn't missed--now....

 The entertainment center (rather than a bunk) over the cab.

The kitchen (galley) is essentially the same as in the trailer with a bit more counter space but no pantry. There are, however, lots and lots of drawers and cabinets.

The galley has more counter space than most and 
an oven as well as the microwave, cook top and refrigerator.

In addition, there's over 100 cubic feet of storage outside in various bins, a 4000W generator, a rear view camera ad several other amenities.


Rev. Paul said...

Nice! May you travel many happy miles in her.

threecollie said...

Sweet! I will be watching for you to go by.

Tina Marie the Willow Witch said...

Congrats! I cant wait till we can do that too....still looking for the deal.... enjoy in all the best!