Monday, August 27, 2012

Ding dong, the wasps are dead!

The wasps are dead! The wasps are dead!
Ding dong the wicked wasps are dead!

Seems two cans of Spectracide did the job. Oh, there's a stray yellow jacket or two searching the lawn for any dead, decaying fruit, or meat, but the nest behind the house is NOT a place of activity any longer. The ground in front of the nest is piled 3 and 4 deep with little yellow and black bodies.

Even the 0.23 inches of rain we got last evening couldn't save them. (Although it did save me from using another can of spray.) The Spectracide says to soak the nest and let it do its thing. The compound will continue to kill on contact as bees move about and/or return to the hive from a wild night on the town only to come into contact with the poison soaked hive. It delivered on that promise.

Now I "just" have to rake up the leaves and nest and haul it all into the woods to decompose. Oh joy! 8-(

1 comment:

Rev. Paul said...

Which old wasps? The WICKED wasps!

Congrats on a quick end to what could be a nasty job.