Sunday, August 19, 2012

Our Lazy Day

Terry and I enjoyed a very nice celebratory dinner over at Timeless Destinations in Wellsboro today. (I may not have to eat for another 40 years!) Afterward, we took a brief walk down the block to a sidewalk sale at Dunham's and to From My Shelf Bookstore. I got some nice polo shirts for $10 each and we both picked up a couple of books. (And talked to the bookstore staff about the Bacon Movement they so obviously support.)

This afternoon we just lolled around the house digesting.


Terry and I will be heading north tomorrow morning. We've got to clean our stuff out of the travel trailer and then haul it down to the Camping World in Bath, NY where it will serve as a trade-in on our new/used Winnebago Access Class C mini-motorhome--which we will pick up on Thursday.

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Rev. Paul said...

Sounds like it was a good day - and for that, I'm glad. Happy anniversary, once again!