Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Ho-hum. A Quiet Day.

A quiet day at the Aerie.

Terry went off to southeast Syracuse for a stitching meeting and I was left to hold the fort.

I checked the rain gauge this morning to see how much we got during the storms that passed our way last night: 0.64 inches for Tuesday night. We also lost power for about 15 minutes. Long enough to through all the digital clocks off and have Terry run around lighting candles. (Saturday we had 0.12 inches here while Williamsport got over 4 inches in two hours. Summer storms can be pretty spotty.)

I ran all the necessary errands (grocery shopping, some banking, a visit to Lowes) this morning. After feeding the cats (poor Chester threw up everything he ate!), I went out to pick more black berries. I managed to harvest a quart which I washed and put into the freezer. Picked a few string beans and two cucumbers also.

I assembled a new set of shelves in the basement for all our canned foods.

I did some small amount of work (or at least I thought about) on selecting the fishing equipment  for our trip next week.

And now it's 10 PM and I'm heading to bed.

Hope you had a good day.

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