Thursday, August 28, 2014

Finished the Stone Work

After taking the day off yesterday (it was hot and the Doctor did say to rest), I went back to work today moving stone from the pile and spreading it around.

Some of the stone was used to fill the parking area where we store one of Terry's seasonal cars. During the summer it's the Jeep, during the winter it's the Aveo.

Parking area 1

More was used to fill the parking area next to the house used the vehicle Terry is using at the time.
 Parking area 2

Parking area and driveway

The rest got spread along the driveway. Some went in the low spots along the drive into the Aerie and the rest went on the area in front of the garage.

Drive into the Aerie

 Area in front of the garage

When I was finished spreading the stone around, there was only a small area in front of the garage that hadn't gotten a new layer of stone.If the truck had carried 24 tons instead of 23....

Now we need a little rain to help pack the stone into the clay of the driveway and to rinse the fine clay dust that coated each stone.

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