Friday, August 22, 2014

TWTWTW* (And thank goodness it's over.)

Although there will be some aftershocks extending into next week.

It's been one of those weeks where the money just flows...out.

First there was the "simple" fix of the RV's 12-volt system that turned into a completely new set of tires--all six of them at a cost of about $1.5K. Oh, and they still haven't got the 12-volt system fixed as the part had to be ordered from Timbuktu or somewhere.

The the refrigerator was diagnosed as terminal and a new one had to be purchased. Hopefully it will be delivered by my birthday, September 17th.

School taxes are due. 'Nough said. (At least the taxes on our 20 acres in PA are much, much less than they were for 1/3 of an acre in New Jersey and on a par with those for 34 acres in New York's Adirondacks.)

Today the Tundra's exhaust system went "KABLOOEY"..sorta. The tail pipe/muffler connection rotted out meaning the entire system needs replacement at a cost of $1K. Happened on Route 6 while I was going from the doctor's office to the hospital. More on that further down.

While scheduling the appointment I asked them to plan on doing my inspection as well. Then, on the way home, I remembered that the brakes (rotors and pads) will need replacement (another $1K) before it will pass inspection...unless the mechanic's forgetful. Well, the Tundra does have 122K miles on the odometer. The radio works just fine...I think. I never have it on.

Oh, and I went and saw the doctor today because I've still got sharp pains in my buttocks from a fall I took four weeks ago. No black-and-blue, no pain down the leg, no explanation for the continued pain. Got sent for an X-ray but the doctor hasn't called me back so if there's any damage to bone or disc will not be known until Monday at the earliest. I can put up with a lot of pain...A LOT...but this was getting to be too long a period for me. I've things to do (and I've been doing most of them) and the sharp pain I was experiencing was...well...a pain in the ass (P.I.T.A.).

Speaking of doing things.... I went and ordered a load (about 22 tons) of pea gravel and purchased a slew of pressure treated 6"x6" timbers to build a raised, level box upon which to park the RV...when ever it returns.Now if I can get the back/buttocks to behave long enough, I can get the timbers in place and lag bolted together before the stone comes.

Oh, Terry and I celebrated our 42nd Anniversary on the 19th.

And, speaking of P.I.T.A., Terry had a colonoscopy. Everything was fine.

Interesting times, interesting times.

*And if you know to what the title refers (TWTWTW), you're as old a fart as I am.

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