Friday, August 15, 2014

In which the SHTF.

Two weeks ago everything was coming up roses for Terry and me so you knew payback time was right around the corner.

The end of last week I discovered the 12-volt system in the Winnie wasn't working. I thought it might be the auxiliary batteries (some 7-8 years old) so I replaced them. Still a no-go. So I made an appointment up in Bath to have the system looked at and repaired.

We dropped the RV off and went to the Glenn Curtis Museum to look around. (More on that in the next post.) After a much too short a time at the museum, we got a call that the problem was fixed and returned to the shop to pick up the RV.

As it sat in the lot, we started to fold some bedding only to discover a momma mouse and four pink babies had made a nest in one blanket. *sigh* I removed the mice and we bundled up the blanket and bedding to be 1) tossed and 2) laundered. And, oh yeah, the 12-volt system stopped working.

The technician said he thought there was a problem with corrosion at the secondary shutoff switch and he had cleaned it, but perhaps the selenoid is bad. (There was considerable amount of water in the compartment where the selenoid was located.)

And, by the way, your tires are badly dry rotted and should be replaced.

So we left the RV in their care to have the 12-volt system taken care of and the tires replaced.


Got home and found the refrigerator was not working. Temperatures in the freezer compartment were rising as they were in the fridge compartment as well. Called for a repairman but they can't get here until Tuesday. Ate lots of ice cream (now more of a watery milkshake consistency) and moved what we could to the stand alone freezer and the two small dorm fridges we have from the kids. (Beer and soda were removed to boxes as they do not need to be chilled.)

Started shopping online for a replacement (just in case) but the space our current fridge occupies has unusual dimensions: 33" wide, 68" high. 33-36"deep. Most new fridges are wider and have ice makers/water dispensers--which we do not want.



It IS August, right? Then what's with the high temperatures barely in the 70s and the lows dipping into the 40s? Have we done anything to piss off Canada besides not completing the XL Pipeline? Why are they sending this cold, cold air our way?

My tomatoes will never ripen if this keeps up. And I can kiss any thoughts of okra or cantaloupes goodbye.


threecollie said...

Sorry to read all your bad news! Same here with the tomatoes. Discouraging

Rev. Paul said...

Sorry to hear about the problems with the RV and fridge. I hope things are repaired as quickly as possible.