Saturday, August 23, 2014

I Been Workin'

Started work on the area where I want to build a flat pad for the RV. It's the same area that the RV sat on's on  a bit of a slope in the driveway. Like a drop of 15 inches in 10 feet slope.

 The Site, pre-construction

Today I used the backhoe and front end loader to break up and move the driveway so as to level things off a little. I spent over four hours in the saddle of the Kubota.

There's still a slope but once I've built a retaining wall on the lower end using 6"x6" (two high and two wide at the base) and fill the area with pea stone gravel, I should have a much more level area.

After removing many loads of dirt and stone.
There's a drop if 6" or so on the left and a flat area 
on the right where the retaining wall will sit.

We had 0.38 inches of rain over night and through much of the morning so the lawn was soggy and took a beating from my driving the tractor back and forth on it. It was also quite slick and even in 4-wheel drive I slipped and skidded from time to time. It doesn't help that quite often there are flat rocks just beneath the surface. The turf gets ripped off them pretty quickly.
 You can see the damage on the slope leading from the lawn to the driveway.

More lawn damage where I was depositing the dirt and rocks (on the left)
...and turning the tractor around.

I'm not too worried about the lawn. Sure, it will look like hell for the rest of the season, but I'll overseed it when I'm done and let nature take its course. Most of it was clover and plantain anyway.

Tomorrow I start bolting some of those 6"x6"s together. I hope.

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