Friday, August 15, 2014

Not Enough Time at the Museum.

We could have spent much more than the two hours we had at the Glenn Curtis Museum.

They had a special exhibit of props from various action /adventure movies (WAREHOUSE 53 - Adventure in the Cinema). Much of it was from either the Indiana Jones or the Mummy movies but there were some from older flicks (like King Solomon's Mine).

Terry even got to don a leather bomber jacket and a fedora to try her hand at retrieving the golden idol.
She didn't actually lift the idol (as per the warning) so there were no boobie traps tripped.

The museum pays homage to one of the early pioneers in aviation but also to the early days of motorcars and motorcycles. (Curtis set land speed records on his motorcycles.)

I liked the looks of this little Junior Motor Car Curtis purchased for his son.

A single piston engine and a drive wheel (the fifth wheel at the rear) propelled this little beauty whose chassis reminds me of the Flexible Flyer snow sleds.

Glenn Curtis is recognized as the Father of Naval Aviation. he taught the first Navy pilots in San Diego) and pioneered water takeoffs and landings as well as the precursor of the aircraft carrier. His designs for landing on water produced the Pan Am seaplanes. The museum is loaded with scale models as well as full sized replicas of his and his company's work.

 Full sized early float plane.

 Scale model of a seaplane similar to those used by PanAm.

Full sized two-seater biplane.

The Finger Lakes and nearby Penn Yan in particular, were/are renowned for their classic wooden pleasure boat styles--much like the Adirondacks and Lake Champlain/Lake George. The museum has some of those on display, too.

As the first boat photo notes there are wineries in the area. Lots of wineries.

And the museum also has several restored early automobiles like this wooden framed hack.

It's a fascinating place to visit. We could have spent many more hours there but we got a call that the RV was repaired (NOT!) and went off to retrieve it.

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