Monday, August 04, 2014

Our Weekend

Saturday, Terry and I drove north to Penn Yan and The Windmill Farm & Craft Market. Terry had been hearing from various acquaintances that it was quite the place to go. Sort of a combination farm stand, bakery, and yard/arts sale.

It was all that and more. There were lots of Amish selling produce and baked goods. (We bought some of both. A box of tomatoes for canning and donuts, a raspberry pie, and half a walnut cake.) We looked at the workmanship of two woodworkers as we looked for a linen/medicine cabinet. There was a maple syrup booth that also had Hickory Nut Syrup (for use on meats, not pancakes). We bought a pint. Then there were the artisans. We bought a pottery piece made for holding garlic. Several pieces of tin work that will make Christmas gifts went into the bag.

We spent two and a half hours walking around shopping before we decided to head home. We'll be back, however. There were several wrought iron pieces that looked good as home and garden decorations. And the pie was good.

They are open every Saturday. Be sure to get there early as, on a nice day, the crowd can be huge.


We left the Windmill and headed south on Route 54 toward Bath to visit the Camping World to do a little shopping for the Winnie. Along the way we stopped in Hammondsport to have lunch at the San Carlos Mexican Restaurant.

Camping World didn't have what the Winnie needed so we hopped on I-86 and headed east to Elmira where I purchased a couple of new handles for the Tundra's cap. The old ones no longer locked or even accepted the keys. The hazard of living on a dirt road that's dusty as all get out in the summer and muddy spring and fall.

Then it was home to the Aerie where, after a beautiful morning and early afternoon, we got home just in time for the sky to open up. Almost half an inch of rain fell before nightfall.


Sunday morning was a little dreary and overcast but the rain held off until around 10 AM. After that, we had periods of light rain showers, heavy rain showers and sunshine. Several times. The rain gauge recorded additional falls of 0.24, 0.3 and 0.18 inches of rainfall.

We managed to sneak out and pick snow peas, string beans, cherry tomatoes and zucchini between rain falls. Other than that, Terry remained in her sewing room working on a project and I went into the wood shop to build a replacement window for the Bolt Hole. (The octagonal window in the upstairs bedroom has rotted away and I needed to built a sash for the plexiglass window I constructed some years ago.)


Another 0.12 inches of rain fell over night.

This morning I called the Winnebago parts supply number and ordered what the Winnie needed but no one around here seems to have.

Terry finished her project and I glued up the sash.

The sun finally came out for good (?) around noon. I went raspberry and blackberry picking and managed to collect about three cups of mixed berries while getting jabbed, poked and scratched just a little bit.

The Tioga County Fair began today at 3 PM and will be running until next Saturday. Neither Terry nor I put anything in but we'll be going over to see what others have done. It's just a matter of picking a day.

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