Saturday, September 10, 2016

Canadian Maritimes: Nova Scotia (the northern part) (Part 1)

After having a wee bit of trouble locating our campground despite it being on the main highway (Mapquest and Siri let me down!), we settled in and set out to explore.

Driving in Cape Breton is like driving in Quebec. Everything has two signs. The difference is, while Quebec has English and French, the signs on Cape Breton are in English and Gaelic! (The French is easier to read!)

We ended up having a scrumptious seafood dinner in the town of Baddeck and then attending a Gaelic get together known as a Ceilidh.

Means "visit"

Lots of Celtic music by a fiddle player and a pianist.

And a little dance lesson, too. (Basically a square dance.)

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