Saturday, September 10, 2016

Canadian Maritimes: Nova Scotia (the northern part) (Part 2)

I'm sure I'm getting my days confused so let's just settle on where we went and forget about the when part. Okay?

We drove over to the little town of Iona which is in one of the central islands in the Bras d'Or to visit the Highlands Heritage Center. (Gotta take the ferry to get there. A cable operated ferry to cover all of 100 yards of water.)

The Heritage Center is a living history museum dedicated to telling the story of the highlanders who came to the area.
This stone hut was what they left behind.

The log cabin is what they built first. This one is in need of repair.
They brought some of the old world cattle with them, too.

As well as sheep and draft animals.

Some roof repair being done on the barn.

Churches sprang up.

As the farmers prospered, their homes became more modern.

School, carding mill, country store, and blacksmith shop.
 The teaching of Gaelic was forbidden both here and in the old world, but it continued in the home. Students who spoke or wrote Gaelic at school were shamed by their teachers and had to wear a wooden plank on a rope around their neck.

Carding machines took some of the hand labor out of the home.
 It was an interesting glimpse into the past. A time trip we would continue as we spent the next day at Louisbourg.

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