Saturday, September 24, 2016

What a DIfference a Day Makes.

Yesterday I sweated my .... well, I sweated a lot as I wrestled some cut logs over to the splitter and stacked the results. The afternoon temp reached 85-86 degrees with a bright sunlight. (Luckily, the place I set up the splitter was in the shade most of the time.)

Today, I woke up to a low of just 46 degrees and a forecast of a 68 as the afternoon high. I took advantage of that and put in two and a half hours finishing up the remaining logs between 8:30 and 11 AM while the temperatures were still in the 50s. I never even broke a sweat.

I've still got some cut pieces of fallen trees (read partly rotten) up in the woods, but they'll stay there. I've more than enough to keep the house warm since we only use the fireplace when the temperatures remain below 30 degrees all day long. 

Now I'm ensconced in my recliner and tuned in to the Rutgers vs. Iowa game. Let's go RU!

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Rev. Paul said...

It's 48° here, just before noon. Forecast high of 54, which will make it a few degrees warmer than yesterday. About the only yard work we'll attempt is to once again coax a carpet of leaves and small branches from the driveway before the forecast rains arrive.

Meanwhile, FWIW, I heartily approve of your afternoon plans. :)