Friday, September 09, 2016

Canadian Maritimes: Nova Scotia (the southern part) (Part 2)

Our second day in Nova Scotia we took it easy. We traveled over to the river to watch the tide come in. There were a few other couples there--from Ohio, Iowa and Indiana, I believe. I suggested we have a Big Ten meeting since Terry and I went to Rutgers but now live in PA so we represented 5 of the 12 teams in the Conference.

The tidal bore along the river in Truro is somewhat famous. They've got lights so you can watch it at night and park benches so you can get off your feet while you wait. There's even a small interpretive/information building.

While the total change isn't as great as out in the bay, it's still kind of cool to watch the water flow upstream. We were there during a neap tide period (that's the slowest of the high tide) so we only got to see about a 6-8 inch wave come up the creek.

Waiting on the tide to come in.

Here it comes!

And comes and

comes some more.
It's like watching waves wash up on the beach BUT NEVER GO BACK DOWN. Like shoving 6-8 inch sheets of chocolate covered styrofoam on top of one another over and over again.

Eventually all the brown soil would be covered with water. Amazing.

Then we went back to the camper and did laundry and jumped in the pool.

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