Friday, September 09, 2016

Down East and the Maritimes: Bar Harbor Cruise

I've been remiss in posting pictures of our three-week trip to the northeast. I've an excuse or two but lets say it was mostly exhaustion and let it go at that.

After watching the sun rise from Cadillac Mountain, Terry and I went down into Bar Harbor to have breakfast and then get ready for our nature cruise which we had booked the day before.

While we waited for our boarding time, Terry made a friend on the pier.

You could opt for a cruise on this schooner.

Two of the motor cruisers,  The smaller one on the left goes way out looking for whales.

Our ride awaits.

One of many beautiful coastal homes.

I wouldn't mind living here!

Bald Eagle watches us go by.

Cormorants and Gulls abound.

Rocky shores of Acadia.

Thunder Hole from the water.

There were plenty of seals out on the rocks.

Plenty of them.

One of many lighthouses on the Maine coast that have been automated. Must have been a grand--if harsh--life for an introvert.

Another Bald Eagle watched us from the shore.

And not to far away, this Peregrine Falcon sat in the tree top.
After seeing the Peregrine, we cruised on back to the dock and debarked.

The next day we departed the Bar Harbor area and headed north into Canada's New Brunswick Provence and the Bay of Fundy National Park.

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