Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Log Home Shopping Part 1a

The second half of the weekend was spent with the folks at Beaver Mountain Log Homes in Hancock, NY. We had signed up for a tour of the mill up in Deposit and then a seminar on the process for living the dream.

At the mill we saw how they turn a raw, green log into a home. This is not a company that uses whole, round logs. They produce a milled log from the center of the logs they purchase and these come in a variety of cross-sections and sizes. We have decided to go withthe most popular model, an 8x8 log with a D-profile. This will give my wife plenty of flat surfaces on the interior wall to hang her many needlework pieces (no, I will not hang any deer heads--unless I get real lucky and get a real bigun' sometime soon) and remove some of the many surfaces on the round log that would collect dust.
The afternoon seminar was educational and really sold us on what we want and when we want it.

Next month we again meet with the Beaver Mountain folks to start the process of drawing up plans.

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