Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Who am I? joated

joated is:

JOAT= Jack Of All Trades and that describes me. Sort of a Renaissance man. Fisherman, bow hunter, rifle hunter, woodworker (I can build anything from a birdhouse to a barn and have), gardener (nothing tastes like a vine ripened tomato fresh from the garden-nothing). Would like to be as independent as possible. Believe in personal responsibility.

How do people pick just one? I enjoy historical novels set in the periods of ancient Rome (Lindsey Davis’ Didius Falco), the Middle Ages or American Frontier (Allan Eckert, John Jakes, etc.). Also like SF and Fantasy. The Disc World novels of Terry Prachett are lots of fun but the puns of Xanth are real groaners. The Swords and Sorcery classics along the Fritz Leiber line are also a hoot. And I gobble up anything written by J.A. Jance, Carl Hiaasen, and Nevada Barr. The latter's novels are set in our National Parks, many of which I have visited.

I would much rather drive than fly ‘cause you get to see so much more of your surroundings. I love my truck and trailer. Have flown when it was necessary and liked the time saved but just felt like I missed out on what was happening below. Maybe it is a control thing since I make a terrible passenger while on the road. Been all over continental USA and Canada except 3 Gulf States (LA, MS & AL) and Alaska & plan to see them and lots more.

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