Wednesday, April 27, 2005


The Navigator took off on her own last Sunday to attend a SAGA gathering in Cape May, NJ. She packed her sewing machine and several projects to work on, her laptop (although she called to say the hotel has no internet hook up :-() and the checkbook (to pay for new projects).

I'm sure she is having a ball shmoozing with the ladies of the Smocking Arts Guild of America and I'm happy for her that her classes and meeting are indoors. While it hasn't rained down there as much as it has here in northern NJ, it has been just as windy and chilly. The shore (never "the beach" in NJ--it's the shore) doesn't warm up as quickly as the inland areas in the spring and the Cape gets the winds from the water in three directions.

Once her classes finish on Friday, she heads to Delaware for another one day event. As I've said before, now that she is "retired" she seems to be busier than ever!

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