Saturday, October 29, 2005

Another Meeting In PA

Terry and I went to PA today to meet with the Don K. our general contractor to discuss some details about our home. After a very nice dinner and an hour of just visiting, we went over the location of windows and doors in the foundation, zones for heating, style of garage doors, fireplace and wood stoves.

Don told us that the home site had recieved about a foot of wet snow earlier in the week so, when our meeting was over, we drove up to see if anything was left on the ground. There was a little snow there but there was also some tree damage. A few aspen trees had been snapped and so had several locust trees. Neither had shed their leaves yet and the weight of the snow must have been just too much. Some of the broken trees/branches were 4-5 inches in diameter. It's kind of amazing that they didn't take down the power line. It runs through a narrow 10-15-foot wide corrider between some aspens that are clearly higher than the wires.

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