Monday, October 10, 2005

Oops! Travel Pics from Back in Sept.

Terry reminded me that I never posted any of the pictures from our trip to Atlanta (didn't take any!) or Sumter, SC.
To make up for that, I have a couple from the family and from our tour of the Yorktown that I mentioned back, oh, about a month ago.

After leaving Atlanta, we made our first stop in Columbia, SC at Terry's cousin Jim's place. Of course his wife Pat was there but several others showed up too. Right after we got there, their nephew Richard (son of Joe and Lorraine from Sumter) walked in.

Jim, Richard, Terry and Pat
Jim, Richard, Terry and Pat

After going to dinner, we found Michelle (Richard's sister), her two boys and her husband on the doorstep waiting for us. (And I forgot to take their picture!)

The next day we drove over to Terry's Aunt Nancy and Uncle Jim's in Sumter where we parked the trailer.

Nancy, Jim and Lorraine
Aunt Nancy, Uncle Jim and Cousin Lorriane

We stayed at Lorraine's Bed & Breakfast just off Memorial Park in Sumter for the next couple of days and enjoyed visiting (and eating) with Nancy and Jim. Lorraine and Joe took us down to Charleston to visit the Citadel (Joe's alma mater) and tour the city.
The old section of the city has many Victorian B & Bs as well as private residences and nearly everything was meticulously maintained.

Victorian Gingerbread
Just some of the gingerbread and stained glass on display.

But many of the shrubs and flowering vines intertwined with the wrought iron fences had creatures crawling around amidst the foliage.

Anole, peek-a-boo
Here's one anole that wasn't camera shy.

Later we stopped at Battery Park from which some of the first shots of the Civil War were fired at Fort Sumter several miles out in the harbor.

Battery Park, Charleston, SC
Battery Park, Charleston, SC

Then we crossed the harbor to Patriots Point where the USS Yorktown is docked along with several other lesser vessels. We spent two hours walking the decks of the Yorktown before heading out to dinner and back to Sumter.

USS Yorktown, Charleston, SC

Of course, if the Yorktown's bakery were still operational we might not have had to go to dinner.

mmmm! Cookies!
I guess they really liked chocolate chip cookies! (Although it only works out to a little over 3 cookies per crewman.)

I wonder if the smell of baking cookies and bread every gets stale?

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