Thursday, October 13, 2005

Rain, Rain GO AWAY!

Have I mentioned that it’s raining? Has been since last Friday. Parts of Northern New Jersey have received over 10 inches of the stuff. If it hadn’t been for the months of drought from May through September, flooding would have been far worse than it is so far. As it is, the Wanaque Reservoir and the Jersey City Reservoir being so low at the start of this deluge have probably saved many homes down stream. But there’s time for it to get worse yet. The forecast is for 80% chance of rain through Friday night. The Frenchtown NJ Blog has links from NOAA that detail the flooding that is occurring.

Pay special attention to the links for the Passaic River Basin, the Deleware River Basin and the Raritan River Basin.

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I HAVE HAD IT with the rain, particularly driving in it at night. Rough on the eyeballs, that.