Saturday, July 08, 2006

Fishing Photos: Part 2

Most of Caesar’s camps are situated so you get a private setting. A few, especially those on Gouin Reservoir, are within a few kilometers of another dwelling. At Simard, you have the entire lake as well as a few outlying lakes to yourself.
From the cabin
This is the view looking north from the cabin.

From the cabin 2
This is the view to the east. Sitting on the deck of the cabin, this is your view.

To the southeast. (The lake forks around the point and goes about 1.5 kilometers south on the far side of the point with yet two more large coves of approximately a square kilometer each to the east. This side of the point...

From the cabin 4
...there is a section of the lake that is only 0.5 kilometers long.

Looking west from the lake
The view west from the cabin isn't much as you are snugged up against the trees, but once out on the water, especially at sun set, the west view can be magnificent.

Night fall
The waxing gibbous moon hangs over the trees to the south and the cabin is to the right of center. (Follow the line of the treetops down from the left or the blue of the water. Both point right to the cabin.)

Night fall 2
Taken just a few seconds later and the shades of blue have changed.

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Gun Trash said...

Sorta reminds me of when I spent several years stationed in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Beautiful country and fabulous fishing/hunting/outdoor activity type stuff.... during the 3 weeks of Summer. The other 49 weeks? Katy bar the door! They measure the snowfall in feet! :-)