Friday, July 14, 2006

Log Home Update: Part 33
Soffits, Heating,
Electricity Shooting into the Walls

I’ve got two weeks of catching up to do. (Well, it’s actually less than that due to the July 4th holiday and the fact that Don and crew spent this past Monday and Tuesday doing a roofing job in town for another client.)

When I returned from my fishing trip, I found that the guys had made some big steps.

Adam and Kyle installed the soffits on all three gable ends as well as the eaves of the dormer. The two prow gables required many angle cuts and trips up and down the ladder.

New meter box was installed.
Don spent his time working on the electricity. He installed the permanent meter box on the exterior home.

Breaker box
And the breaker box inside the basement.

Heat 1
The heating crew continued to work on the space-age control center for the radiant floor heating.

As mentioned, Don and crew were busy elsewhere Monday and Tuesday of this week. While they were away, I cut firewood and did some woods clean-up.

When they returned to duty of Wednesday, we had visitors from the power company.

Kyle, who intends to become a lineman after graduating high school next year, got an impromptu lesson on how to climb a pole.

After the power was switched from the temporary meter to the house, Don wired up a few outlets—one in the garage, one in the basement and one on the first floor. The last required cutting a hole in the log wall.

Walls & Stairs
Don also erected the stud wall that will form the wall against which the stairs from the first to second floor will be set. He also built the base of the landing and laid out one of the stringers for the stairs.

Adam, Jim, Kyle and I nearly finished the installation of the pine floors for the second floor. This also serves as the ceiling for the first floor.

In addition, materials for the first floor and basement bathrooms have been delivered, the fireplace and the lights ordered.

Altogether, the seven workdays of the past two weeks have been rather productive.


Anonymous said...

I'm interested in the projected cost for the radiant floor system as I'm planning on building a log home next year. What will you use to heat the water? Did you do any of the work/design yourself? What manufacturer of the PEX? Cost of radiant as opposed to hot water baseboard? Thanks for any info.

joated said...

Per square foot, radiant floor heating will cost more than a baseboard system to install. There's more labor invovlved and more material needed to run the PEX. However there are several benefits: 1) it's invisible, i.e. there's no restriction on locating the heaters and nothing above the floors or against the walls to distract from the logs; 2) beacause it is evenly distributed across the floor, the heat reaches every part of the room (but especially the feet) meaning you feel comfortable at a lower temperature; 3) teamed with ceiling fans for air circulation, I'm told the water in the system will be between 110 and 130 degrees compared to 175-190 for a baseboard system that means the little on-demand propane fired boiler won't be burning many BTUs to keep us warm.

Because we can't run radiant floor heating into the loft or upstairs (the floor of the 2nd level is also the ceiling of the 1st) we will have one small kickboard heater under the vanity in the master bath.

I hired a local HVAC company to do the installation and left it to them to design all the space age controls you see after telling them what zones I was interested in.

Fish said...

It's about time I start shopping for a house warming gift.

Lookin' good.