Saturday, July 08, 2006


Cesna take off
Joe (and some gear) head back to Coursol Base aboard the Cessna.

Beaver taxies in
Only moments later, the Beaver taxies to the dock for the rest of us.

Unlike the Cessna which took off heading south on the lake, the Beaver started a short distance from the eastern shore, headed right toward the cabin and lifted from the water just 40-50 yards from the dock. It veered sharply to the north and headed down the long stretch of lake slowly climbing as it went. A bigger, more powerful plane than the Cessna, it doesn’t climb very quickly and so you tend to fly between the hills just after taking off rather than climbing sharply over them.


Anonymous said...

You must suck at Walleye fishing. We crushed on the South Lake.

Anonymous said...

The North lake boat is leaking real bad, prepare to bail all day.