Friday, July 28, 2006

Log Home Update: Part 35
Framing and Siding

We’re back to just four on the crew this week. Kyle left for Newfoundland, Canada to visit with his grandmother on Monday. He’ll be back in two weeks but will only be with us for two weeks before school starts again.

Jim and Adam worked as a team to complete the exterior trim out all the windows. Then they moved on to the log siding on the south gable and finished that Friday.

Don missed some time for his annual medical exam and a stress test. He passed all tests with flying colors. When he returned, he framed out the door to the utility room in the basement, installed a few more electrical outlets so we aren’t tied down to one location (or circuit), and then framed out the 2 x 6 wall that separates the master bedroom from the bath and stair well.

I framed out the closets in the master bedroom and also one of the walls of the master bathroom.

Exterior window trim
Exterior window trim.

Log siding
Log siding covers some of the Tyvek®.

2 x 6 walls
A portion of the 2 x 6 wall that sits along the stair well.

Master closet framing
The master bedroom closets are framed out in 2 x 4s.

2 x 4 framing
The master bathroom wall as it abuts the loft is also framed out in 2 x 4s.


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Wow, it looks great. I've been stopping by to lurk, but have to commend you on a great undertaking!!

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