Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Log Home Update: Part 36
Siding and Electricity
and it's HOT!

I've punked out this week after just two days but Don, Adam and Jim have continued working in the heat of north-central PA.

Monday morning I departed NJ to drive to Deposit, NY to pick up some deck materials from Beaver Mountain. I then continued on to The Aerie, arriving shortly after 10 AM. (Total travel time from NJ: approximately 5 hours to cover the 260 miles plus make the pick-up.)

I found Adam and Jim working on the north gable siding and Don upstairs framing out the final wall of the master bath and placing electrical outlet boxes. I unloaded the decking material and began cutting and laying the pieces for the entry deck. When I finished that 4' x 10' deck it was near to 4 in the afternoon.

I then hopped in my truck and headed back to NJ arriving home around 8 PM. (Trip time: 4 hours to go the 230 miles.) Once home, I loaded the truck with boxes of books and some furniture.

Early Tuesday (around 4 AM), I headed back to PA to put the boxes and stuff into the storage unit. (230 miles) Then it was up the hill to The Aerie to put in a few hours of work with Don, Adam and Jim.

Don was framing a door into the attic over the garage and wiring the electric boxes on the second floor. Adam and Jim were on the second half of the gable siding. The heat climbed above 90 degrees for the second day. I moved some tongue and groove boards from the storage trailer into the basement. This was six inch wide material left over from the soffits and there was quite a bit of it. We needed to move it so we could get to the insulation and tongue and groove ceiling material which we will be needing soon. I cleaned up the cutting stations in the garage. Jessica had dropped off her revised plans for the kitchen cabinets and I approved her ideas. By 2 PM sweat had drenched my shirt and I decided to head back to NJ. Four hours and 230 miles later I was back in the air conditioned NJ home.

With temperatures predicted to near the 100 degree mark on Wednesday and Thursday, I opted to remain in NJ. Although I will probably load up the truck with materials to be taken up to the Adirondack cabin on Thursday. I may even head back to PA Friday after unloading the truck.

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