Saturday, August 19, 2006

Log Home Update: Part 39
Electricity and Plumbing

Sorry folks, there are no pics for this week's update. I spent all last week on the road hauling stuff to PA and then to NY. I did stop by The Aerie when I drove out to PA on Tuesday to see what was going on and put some stuff into the storage area.

I found that Don had run most of the wires and installed the switches and outlets for the first and second floor. He had also had run the plastic tubing that will serve as the hot and cold water supply lines. This actually looks kind of cool since the cold tubing is blue and the hot water line is red. Looking at it as it snakes out of the utility room and across the basement ceiling reminds me of all those diagrams of the circulatory system in the junior and senior high biology books. Red represented oxygenated blood in the arteries and blue was the deoxygenated blood in the veins.

Wednesday was spent loading the pickup and driving up to the Bolt Hole with even more stuff. Don and Deb went to Pittsburgh on Wednesday for a couple of days but Adam, Jim and Kyle kept working. Unfortunately, I haven't spoken to them since Tuesday and, therefore, have no idea what's going on. (Actually, I did call Don on Wednesday when I received three garbled phone calls from him while I was driving along the NY Thruway. I could hear sounds in the background but no one returned an answer to my "Hello." I Stopped at Pattersonville and called Don. He was at the Pittsburgh/Milwaukee baseball game. He said the score was tied and they were starting the 13th inning. The Brewers scored 3 runs in the top of the 13th to win 5-2. As you might surmise, we didn't talk about the building project.)

I'll probably have another load of stuff to go to PA on Monday. At that time I'll be checking on progress, taking pictures and picking up mail.

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Jess said...

Oh noes!

We've got #$^@#$^ [i]SNAKES[/i] in the @#$^ER$%^ [i]HOUSE![/i]

Someone call Samuel L. Jackson, STAT!