Saturday, August 05, 2006

I Like Beer

Nothing like a cold one after some heavy outdoor labor.
Cold requires lager like Yuengling or Saranac Lager.
Sitting in the evening something heavier can be enjoyed. Like Saranac Black and Tan or Black Forest, but these should be room temperature to bring out their full flavor.

(Although I admit a little 12-year old, single-malt Glenlivet over ice makes for a nice nightcap.)

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Gun Trash said...

Ah yes, nothing like a cold beer after a hot day of work. I don't drink like I used to, but still, here in hot, humid northeast KY I do sip an occasional Corona with a twist of lime after a day of wrestling lumber. While the winter brew of choice is a Guiness.

I think in my travels I've tasted Yuengling, but the Saranac is one I've never heard of.