Friday, August 11, 2006

Log Home Update: Part 38
More siding, framing and electricity

More progress this week inside and out, although I had precious little to do with any of it. Don, Adam, Jim and Kyle did most of the work. I traveled back to NJ to do some monitoring of corrections of items found by home inspectors, to welcome my son home for a few days on his way back to Idaho, and to pack and drive a U-Haul truck out to PA with some of our larger furniture pieces.

First Adam and Jim: They worked hard during the week to complete the siding on the garage.

Siding 01
They finished the front of the garage…

Siding 02
…they did the entire gable end of the garage from the ground up to the peak…

Siding 03
…and they completed the rear of the garage. Now the only siding to be done is the dormer—and that must wait until we get the replacement parts for the master bathroom’s window.

Inside, Kyle returned from his vacation to frame out the laundry room and the foyer closet…
Framing 01
before he moved on to assist with electrical and plumbing projects.

Don finished framing out the master bathroom…
Framing 02

…and the doorway into the attic…
Framing 03

…before he moved on to running more wire and hooking up lights and outlets. And running some pipe to make steps toward hooking up bathrooms, kitchen and laundry.

Me? Like I said, I was in NJ to pack a U-Haul truck with the aide of my son, Rick. We did that on Thursday and then drove out to the log home on Friday. There we unloaded the furniture into one small corner of the basement.
Some stuff moved

This was Rick's first view of the house and the land on which it is situated. And it was a beautiful day for him to see it. Clear, cool skies and a view that went on for ever made a great impression.

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