Friday, August 04, 2006

Log Home Update: Part 37

As mentioned mid-week, I hauled a load of stuff from the garage north to the Adirondacks on Thursday. The temperatures had already moderated in the northland when I got there around 4 PM. Back in PA and NJ a front moved through with some strong winds and very heavy rains. I unloaded the pickup and went to sleep with the windows open.

Friday morning, awakening to the sound of gentle rain at 3:30 AM, I drove back to PA to check in with Don and to see what had been accomplished. I found that, despite the hot weather, Adam and Jim had finished siding the north gable and had started siding the panelized garage walls.
North Gable sided
North end, with all its windows, has been sided.

Garage wall siding 01
Garage walls being sided. The false corners make it difficult to tell that it is not really a log wall.

Garage wall siding 02
Adam and Jim have worked up to “ladder height” all around the garage.

Don had framed out the attic door and started drilling and chiseling holes in the log walls to place the electrical boxes in the first floor walls. It takes a little over an hour to do just one of these.

Electric boxes chiseled out
Notice the little blue boxes in the wall?

Me? I started making the mounting plates for exterior light fixtures. I worked only a couple of hours before heading back to NJ.

With two round trips between NJ and PA early in the week (one going through Deposit, NY) and the three-way trip from NJ to Adirondacks to PA to NJ on Thursday and Friday, I’ve logged over 1650 miles and transported two loads of material to storage in PA and the Adirondacks. In between I did a little bit (not much) work in PA and cleaned out a substantial portion of the NJ garage.

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