Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Maybe there are deer in the Adirondacks.

During last falls deer season I bemoaned the fact that I had spent days walking around the acres I own in the Adirondacks and the hundreds of acres adjacent to them with nary a sign of deer (let alone an adult animal) being sighted. (See: There Are NO Deer In The Adirondacks!) On the very day I made that complaint while sitting at home in NJ, my "buddy" Mark sent me pictures of a few deer he had photographed using a Moultrie game camera in my backyard in the Adirondacks!

He has continued his camera work during the summer and has gotten pictures of at least five (5) different bucks, two bears, a fox and lots of other critters. Lately he has been sending me pictures of the bucks and bears in a blatant attempt to get me to go hunting with him again this fall despite the work to be done in PA and the property I now have there I can hunt.

It may be working.

Expecially when two of the bucks look like this:
Deer 05
There is this 8-pointer...

Deer 03
...and this somewhat smaller 5-pointer...

Deer 04
...and sometimes they show up together. (Notice the 8-pointer coming in from the left.)

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